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Xie Jilong, Board Secretary, CRRC Corporation, highlights the economic and social opportunities resulting from the trend towards global connectivity.

From the age of discovery to the proof of the earth being round, from the industrial revolution to the massive expansion of railway networks, we have reached milestone after milestone, with new discoveries and inventions that have helped us progress into the modern era. And now we have entered the internet age. Not only has the internet enabled real time communication, it has also been an important engine driving our economy. A fast, reliable and secure internet connection makes online securities trading simple and accessible to everyone.

The internet is the foundation of the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect programme, which allows more global investors to participate in the Shanghai A-share market in real time. More importantly, the new cross-border trading platform has been a catalyst to the faster integration of China’s capital markets with the rest of the world.

One Belt One Road – another route to global connectivity

The One Belt One Road plan, introduced by President Xi Jinping in the fall of 2013, is the Chinese framework for fostering foreign trade with more than 60 countries along the ancient Silk Road. This initiative enables win-win cooperation that promotes common development and prosperity and a road towards peace and friendship by enhancing mutual understanding and trust, and strengthening all-round exchange.

Towards greater capital market connectivity

CRRC Corporation, as an A+H share company, is open to both domestic and international investors. It is also one of the qualified stocks in the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect programme. The One Belt One Road initiative is giving it never-before-possible opportunities to further extend its reach. Currently, the company’s business covers 102 countries and regions across six continents, and more than 83% of the countries and regions that own railway networks use
the company’s products.

Leveraging the One Belt One Road infrastructure development, CRRC will continue to devote itself to the building of a better connected world by taking part in high-speed rail construction around the world.

Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect

In 2014, the eagerly-awaited Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect programme commenced, establishing a new channel for global investors to access China’s stock market. Mainland investors can also trade Hong Kong-listed stocks through the new platform.

Not only can the programme set examples for a similar scheme planned for the Shenzhen and Hong Kong bourses, but it also is a good reference for the future cross-border trading links to London and New York markets.

The establishment of the Shanghai-Hong Kong and Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock connect schemes is a timely opportunity for Mainland companies to access global capital markets through Hong Kong. In other words, the capital market convergence allows Mainland companies to tap into global sources of finance as they continue to increase their global presence. It also allows them to adapt their strategy to international market changes more quickly. As an A+H share company and a qualified stock in the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect scheme, CRRC Corporation will seize the future opportunities presented by a more connected world.

Xie Jilong
Board Secretary, CRRC Corporation





大航海時代的探險向世人證明,地球是圓的;以蒸汽機為代表的工業革命使人類邁入鐵路時代又一次證明,世界是互聯的;互聯網的突飛猛進讓大家感覺都生活在地球村里,世界是平的: 全方位的互聯互通必將成為時代的主題!














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